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Patch 711000 ¬


Eckhart Köppen has released an improved Newton OS 2.1 patch addressing the Y2010 bug:

No duct tape of bumper case required here: Paul Guyot has come up with a way to prevent the reset to January 1st, 2008 with patch 71J059 after rebooting or power loss. I merged his changes into the next version of the Y2010 patch, version 711000[.]

He notes that there may be a minor issue with Adam Tow’s AlarmClock, which I use on a daily basis. I’ve asked requested further details and will be testing Patch 711000 on my backup MessagePad 2100 this weekend.

Update: Don Zahniser reports that he not only initially reported the issue w/AlarmClock & Patch 711000, but has since debunked it.

However, Sir Isaac discovered a Clock minute timer issue in Patch 71J059 which I’ve confirmed in both Patch 71J059 & 711000. Grant Hutchinson tested an un-patched MessagePad 2100 and found no sign of that issue. So, it’s real, but it is a very minor inconvenience.

Both my dev and primary MessagePad 2100s have been patched, so I’ll be keeping my eyes out for further issues.

[Via NewtonTalk]

The A-Team ¬


A childhood favorite, but the original series is actually quite painful to watch at this point, so I’m sure an action-packed remake of The A-Team for the big screen with plenty of explosions and burnt rubber can do no harm. The question is, will they do justice to the unique personalities of Hannibal, Murdock, Face, and B.A.?

Craig Mod summed up this trailer best:

Yes, that was a tank that came out of the airplane that blew up the other airplane.

You can catch the original series for free on Hulu, rent from Netflix, or buy from Amazon, if you’re so inclined.

[Via Craig Mod]

New Toy Story 3 Trailer ¬


Excellent to see that Pixar still had plenty of fresh ideas for this sequel.

[Via Disney•Pixar]

iPad (Née 'Latest Creation') Event Video ¬


Definitely need to watch this.

[Via John Gruber]

Going Newton ¬


Two weeks ago I commented that, “Sometimes I wonder just how ‘Newton’ I could go. Clear off my desk and leave only an eMate and Color StyleWriter 2200? Would love it.” Shortly there after I discovered that RetroChallenge would be kicking off their 2010 Winter Warm-Up at the start of January. How could I resist bringing a little extra green (I’d assume there will already be many a glow from green monochrome CRTs) to the challenge?

While I’m desperately trying not to start new projects, one of the tasks I’ve been attempting during my few hours at home has been to clear off my desk. It had become a dumping ground for paid bills, receipts, gadgets and anything else without a specific home. At one point the pile actually reached the ceiling. Working in a few eMate repairs and a bit of writing during the month of January should not only be feasible, but could actually feel quite productive. Needless to say, little extra encouragement was needed for me to submit an entry.

The challenge is very open-ended, so I was content with setting a reasonable goal of repairing & updating an eMate 300 as a clean & simple environment for focused writing. It needs the hinge repaired, battery recelled, 2010 patch applied, and a few other issues addressed, so there’ll be more involved than merely clearing away desk detritus. If I manage all that with time to spare, then I’ll venture to craft a working modem script which allows me to get online with AT&T EDGE/GPRS via Bluetooth, but I’m not counting on it.

To be honest, it feels a bit deceitful to submit a Newton entry as I’m a daily user and a bit of a power user. Hell, my MessagePad 2100 travels with me everywhere and is already patched for 2010, has CompactFlash memory, BlueTooth, and WiFi. The eMate, however, has just been collecting dust in the strata on my desk, so I doubt I’ll get much push back for revitalizing it.

With less than an hour to go before the start of the challenge in my time zone, I’m very much looking forward to a clean, minimal, and usable Newton desk at the end of the month.

'Newton Year 2010 Problem' ¬


Eckhart Köppen chimed in this morning to further explain the issue that Newton OS 2.1 faces with the year 2010 and also noted that producing OS patches is, “less black magic than anticipated.”

The possible fixes, in his mind, are:

  • Avi’s Fix2010
  • “Create a proper OS patch for the Fix2010 code”
  • “Change the offsets used by the faulty functions”

[Via NewtonTalk]