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thedailyjaws referenced the “Jaws” movie crew having nicknamed the prop sharks “Bruce”. Upon reading that, it suddenly hit me that it must be the reason that the great white shark in Pixar’s Finding Nemo was named “Bruce.” Or another reason, anyway. I had always assumed that it was just because it’s a stereotypically Australian name.

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New Toy Story 3 Trailer

Excellent to see that Pixar still had plenty of fresh ideas for this sequel.

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Wall•E Available for Pre-Order from Amazon

Release date is November 18th. They’ve got good pricing on the DVD, a 3-Disk Special Edition DVD, as well as Blu-ray, so go pre-order it.

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Kottke on WALL•E

Jason Kottke’s observations and feelings about Pixar’s WALL•E mirror my own. Especially this:

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Today is opening day for Pixar’s latest. Emily bought the first tickets of the day at The Palace 9.

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Brad Bird's Inside Jokes

Yesterday’s Daring Fireball Linked List included a link to A special ‘Where’s WALL-E’ edition of Why For? for a look at some of Pixar’s in-jokes. Emily and I are quite the pair of Pixar fans so most of these reference were known to us, but there are a few gems we hadn’t noticed yet. Tin Toy under the bed in Lifted? Incredibles Manga in Finding Nemo?!

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iPhone Today (or Ratatouille Instead)

Today’s the day everybody’s been waiting for! Yup, we’re little more that twelve hours away from the release of Apple’s new iPhone! Some are queueing up for them already, some will be ordering online, and others yet are prepping to rejoice over the impending flop.

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Cars (the Movie)... and the real deal

The Movie Review

Last night, Emily and I went out and saw Cars, Pixar’s latest movie which was released this past weekend. We’re both huge fans of Pixar’s movies. Not only are the graphics and animation amazing, but the stories are great and they have excellent character development. Their movies are hard to beat (I think it’s a tie between them, Aardman Animations—specifically Nick Park and his Wallace & Gromit series, as well as Creature Comforts—and Studio Ghibli—specifically Hayao Miyazaki’s and Isao Takahata’s movies), I’m surprised they’ve been able to keep it up as long as they have.

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