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iPad (Née 'Latest Creation') Event Video

Definitely need to watch this.

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iPad Camera Connection Kit

This make it far more usable as one’s only computer:

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Apple iPad

It’s for real. Two models: just WiFi or WiFi & 3G. 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB storage. $499-$699 (WiFi) or $629-$829 (WiFi & 3G). Compatible with existing iPhone apps (small or stretched; either way it looks a bit odd).

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Lessons Learned from the eMate

Scott Andress on the eMate and tomorrow’s rumored Apple tablet:

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'The Original Tablet'

John Gruber on the Newton’s downfall:

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On The Possibility of the Mac Tablet

Update: Wow, I’m really kicking myself right now!
The following is a rough post that I wrote on January 7th, but held of posting for a little spit and polish. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to clean it up last night (I was planning to do it somewhat Chandan-style and actually provide a little description of the technology behind it, including comparisons between iChat & Starfire). Well, with Steve Jobs’ announcement of the iPhone — which, honestly, I was extremely skeptical about — you can really see why I should really have just made it live. Doh!

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