Series Parts

A site to help owners and prospective owners of the iconic Series Land Rover vehicles find vehicles, parts, parts suppliers, and garages. Aggregates Series parts from eBay1, Craigslist, and other sources, plus business listings.

1 Officially approved as an “eBay Compatible Application”.

Design, development, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, and CSS3.

Emily's Home Cooking

Logo, business cards, and website for a one-woman small business preparing homemade gourmet meals in her clients’ home.

Design, HTML5, CSS3.

Make something.

A simple portfolio piece originally created to play with CSS3 animations, but I liked it enough to put it out there. It makes a great motivational web desktop picture.

Design, HTML5, CSS3.

Rikuwoiku—to travel overland.

A travel & lifestyle blog.

Design, HTML5, CSS3.

Slotted Pig

A personal finance weblog.

Design, XHTML, and CSS.

Small Dog Electronics, Inc.

Small Dog Electronics - Home

The 2008 Small Dog Electronics website & shopping cart redesign.

Assisted with collaborative design process and implemented XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and a good portion of the back-end rewrite in PHP.


makkintosshu (2007-08-01)

My personal website. This site.

Design, XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript.



A minimalist intranet.

Classic Mac Workshop

Classic Mac Workshop (Home)

My first personal web project: a website supporting users of Classic Macs (early Apple Macintosh computers).