Patch 711000 ¬


Eckhart Köppen has released an improved Newton OS 2.1 patch addressing the Y2010 bug:

No duct tape of bumper case required here: Paul Guyot has come up with a way to prevent the reset to January 1st, 2008 with patch 71J059 after rebooting or power loss. I merged his changes into the next version of the Y2010 patch, version 711000[.]

He notes that there may be a minor issue with Adam Tow’s AlarmClock, which I use on a daily basis. I’ve asked requested further details and will be testing Patch 711000 on my backup MessagePad 2100 this weekend.

Update: Don Zahniser reports that he not only initially reported the issue w/AlarmClock & Patch 711000, but has since debunked it.

However, Sir Isaac discovered a Clock minute timer issue in Patch 71J059 which I’ve confirmed in both Patch 71J059 & 711000. Grant Hutchinson tested an un-patched MessagePad 2100 and found no sign of that issue. So, it’s real, but it is a very minor inconvenience.

Both my dev and primary MessagePad 2100s have been patched, so I’ll be keeping my eyes out for further issues.

[Via NewtonTalk]

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