mta_affiliate Textpattern Plug-in

A Textpattern plug-in which tags iTunes Affiliate Program (iTunes/iBooks/App Store) links with affiliate IDs to earn commissions. In the future it can be made to support more affiliate programs.

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Mantis Source Integration

Source control integration framework for the Mantis bug tracker, including support for Github, Gitlab, Gitweb, Cgit, Subversion and Mercurial.

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dasu is a bash script that automates the packaging of my software projects for public release.

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43f is a simple date-based storage management utility based on the forty-three folders concept from David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” program. It maintains 43 folders per year (one for every month (12) and one for every possible date in a month (31), therefore allowing you to store up to 31 daily file sets, 12 monthly file sets, and as many annual file sets as you would like. It is ideal for managing backup/snapshot sets, but should be flexible enough for any number of uses.

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acl-tools-OS X is a collection of command line tools for working with OS X file ACLs to complement the support built into ls & chmod on OS X, incl.: findacl, chgrpacl, and chusracl.

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NewtonScript Mode

A SubEthaEdit or Coda Mode (syntax highlighter) for the NewtonScript language. Keywords & functions sourced from The NewtonScript Programming Language (1996, Apple Computer, Inc.; Mirrored on & Newted) and NEWT/0 source code.

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A portable bash implementation of realpath(). Will return absolute paths for one or more relative paths and verify that the paths/files exist.

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Cash Out

A free web app for quickly, easily, and accurately cashing out a register at the end of the business day. Sums the value of bills, coins, and checks, then calculates your deposit. Allows printing or emailing of completed cash out sheet.

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A small collection of command line tools that I’ve developed for Mac OS X over the years, à la NextStep/Mac OS X’s open, pbcopy, pbpaste, etc. Including clipcat, eject, swuser, and trash.

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mta_author_section Textpattern Plug-in

A Textpattern plug-in which allows you to link author names to a section containing an article per author, much like bos_author, but also provides some extra behind-the-scenes glue between author sections and article searches by author name.

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sde_newsletter Textpattern Plug-in

A Textpattern plug-in which adds an interface to the extensions tab to allow one to send plain text, HTML-only, or multipart (plain text & HTML) emails from within the Textpattern admin interface. Allows easy selection of any Textpattern user as the email sender.

Ideally, you’d use this plug-in to send to a mailing list handler to take care of the bulk delivery.

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mta_sanitize Textpattern Plug-in

A Textpattern plug-in which adds a container tag (mta_sanitize) which will “sanitize” any text contained between the opening & closing tag for use in a URL. This is a wrapper around the built-in sanitizeForUrl() function and will also parse other textpattern tags that it contains.

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The following projects have been deprecated or superseded and may still function, but are not fully supported.

mrtg-rrd.cgi Patch: AddHead, BodyTag, PageFoot Support in Directory Listings

A patch for mrtg-rrd.cgi v0.7 which modifies parse_directories() & print_dir() so that AddHead[_], PageTop[_], and
PageFoot[_] defaults work on directory listing pages.

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Sysmon Patch: HTML 4.01 Transitional Status File

A patch for Sysmon 0.93-pre3 which modifies the generation of the HTML status file slightly so the table element contains thead & tbody elements for enhanced CSS styling and also provides fixes so it validates as HTML 4.01 Transitional.

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mta_digg_it Textpattern Plug-in

A Textpattern plug-in which adds an <notextile><txp:mta_digg_it /></notextile> tag which will embed a smart, JavaScript “Digg This” button (with submit capability) in your article. The first time someone clicks on the “Digg This” button, they’ll be brought to’s link submission page with most of the information about the link already filled out (you can provide more or less information using various attributes). Any subsequent clicks will be brought to to “digg” the article.

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mta_article_id Textpattern Plug-in

A Textpattern plug-in which adds an <txp:mta_article_id /> tag which replaces the built-in <txp:article_id /> tag and extends it to optionally return the “URL title” instead of the numerical “id” of the article.

Note: The <txp:mta_article_id /> tag (and hence this plug-in) is depricated as of Textpattern 4.0.5 due to the inclusion of a built-in <txp:article_url_title /> tag which provides the additional “URL title” functionality.

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Sysmon Startup Item (Darwin/Mac OS X)

Darwin/Mac OS X StartupItem & launchd plist for the Sysmon server monitoring and notification daemon. Released under a BSD License.

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Ddclient Startup Item (Darwin/Mac OS X)

Darwin/Mac OS X Startup Item for ddclient (a perl client for dynamic DNS services, including DynDNS).

Note: This is superseded by the Official DynDNS Updater for Mac, but ddclient is a viable alternative for those of you who, don’t want to install and configure the updater daemon via the GUI, are running Darwin, not a Mac OS X release, or are using a dynamic DNS service other than DynDNS.

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The following projects have been discontinued as they are no longer functional. They are listed here only for historical reference purposes only and their use is completely unsupported.

mta_tipd_it Textpattern Plug-in

A Textpattern plug-in which adds an <txp:mta_tipd_it /> tag which will embed a JavaScript “Tip It” button for in your article.

Note: This plugin has been discontinued as the site has long been shut down.

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Twitter Statuses JavaScript Badge

Note: The Twitter Statuses Badge has been discontinued due to changes in Twitter’s API.

A modification of the official Twitter JavaScript badge that provides insertion of the user’s image (linking to their twitter page), displaying one or more of the user’s recent tweets (including time posted, linking to that tweet’s permalink) or search results, plus a bunch of CSS hooks for the list items. Also includes a basic CSS stylesheet that mimics the Twitter look.

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