Twitter Statuses JavaScript Badge

Note: The Twitter Statuses Badge has been discontinued due to changes in Twitter’s API.

A modification of the official Twitter JavaScript badge that provides insertion of the user’s image (linking to their twitter page), displaying one or more of the user’s recent tweets (including time posted, linking to that tweet’s permalink) or search results, plus a bunch of CSS hooks for the list items. Also includes a basic CSS stylesheet that mimics the Twitter look.

Source code available at

Change Log:

v0.7.2 – Changed user timeline requests to Twitter API v1 syntax to fix loading errors.
v0.7.1 – Support for ‘snowflake’ status IDs. Single status lists now correctly have both ‘first’ & ‘last’ classes applied.
v0.7 – More flexible adding of classes, plus “reply” class. Purely CSS rendering (no images) of default theme. Now using John Gruber’s improved regex for matching URLs. Supports Twitter Search results as well.
v0.6.1 – Clickable #hashtags, smaller JSON requests from Twitter.
v0.6 – Further namespacing improvements plus variables for defaults/settings. Re-implemented @reply filtering, limiting tweet count, and added changing of the element ID and disabling the icon.
v0.5 – Added feature to filter out tweets starting with @replies, if requested.
v0.4.1 – Included README file containing overview, basic instructions, and change log.
v0.4 – Updated regular expressions to find @replies butting up against punctuation. Some HTML+CSS restructuring.
v0.3 – Integrated regular expressions for making @replies and inks clickable, thanks to René van Meurs.
v0.2 – Integrated Jon Aquino’s IE date parsing fix. Minor HTML+CSS tweaks & function name changes for better namespacing.
v0.1 – Initial release.

Current Release:

twitter_statuses_badge-0.7.2.tar.gz – 2012-10-13 – 2012-10-13

Previous Release(s):

twitter_statuses_badge-0.7.1.tar.gz – 2011-08-16 – 2011-08-16
twitter_statuses_badge-0.7.tar.gz – 2010-11-10 – 2010-11-10
twitter_statuses_badge-0.6.1.tar.gz – 2010-05-27 – 2010-05-27
twitter_statuses_badge-0.6.tar.gz – 2010-05-24 – 2010-05-24
twitter_statuses_badge-0.5.tar.gz – 2009-05-06 – 2009-05-06
twitter_statuses_badge-0.4.1.tar.gz – 2009-02-15 – 2009-02-15
twitter_statuses_badge-0.4.tar.gz – 2009-02-12 – 2009-02-12
twitter_statuses_badge-0.3.tar.gz – 2009-01-12 – 2009-01-12
twitter_statuses_badge-0.2.tar.gz – 2009-01-07 – 2009-01-07
twitter_statuses_badge-0.1.tar.gz – 2007-05-07 – 2007-05-07

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