sde_newsletter Textpattern Plug-in

The development of this plug-in was sponsored by Small Dog Electronics, Inc.

A Textpattern plug-in which adds an interface to the extensions tab to allow one to send plain text, HTML-only, or multipart (plain text & HTML) emails from within the Textpattern admin interface. Allows easy selection of any Textpattern user as the email sender.

Ideally, you’d use this plug-in to send to a mailing list handler to take care of the bulk delivery.

Textpattern 4.0.6 or better.

Change Log:

v0.5.3 Alphabetically sorts Textpattern users pop-up menu by email address.
v0.5.2 Resolved issue w/removal of line endings in email subject that caused occasional collapsed/missing spaces.
v0.5.1 Resolved issue parsing page title containing line breaks from HTML content.
v0.5 Word wraps HTML & text body content to 78 characters to prevent long lines being hard wrapped at 998 characters (which tends to break HTML).
v0.4 Decodes HTML entities in plain-text content (subject & body).
v0.3 Initial public release.
v0.2 Initial multipart MIME message support.
v0.1 Initial development.

Current Release:

sde_newsletter-0.5.3.txt – 2013-01-21

Previous Releases:

sde_newsletter-0.5.2.txt – 2011-07-06
sde_newsletter-0.5.1.txt – 2011-03-29
sde_newsletter-0.5.txt – 2011-03-28
sde_newsletter-0.4.txt – 2009-01-29
sde_newsletter-0.3.txt – 2008-09-30

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