acl-tools-OS X is a collection of command line tools for working with OS X file ACLs to complement the support built into ls & chmod on OS X, incl.:

  • findacl – A wrapper for find which adds ACL-related primaries.
  • chgrpacl – Change ACEs from one group to another (requires findacl).
  • chusracl – Change ACEs from one user to another (requires findacl)

NOTE: aclfind does not support operators at this time and so just ANDs everything. This may be changed in a future release.

Released under the MIT license. Source code available at

Development sponsored in part by Small Dog Electronics, Inc.

Current Release:

acl-tools-osx-0.1.1.tar.gz – 2016-09-01

Previous Release(s):

acl-tools-osx-0.1.tar.gz – 2013-03-05

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