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Why a Bash Implementation of realpath?

Shortly after my recent post of a realpath implementation in bash my friend David Kendal suggested a C implementation would be preferable. I have to admit, it’s far simpler code, it wraps around the actual realpath() so no work to make it functionally equivalent, and it’ll be immensely faster (although I haven’t benchmarked it). See his example implementation. I really can’t agree more.

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tools-osx 2011-06-02

I’ve updated my collection of Mac OS X command line tools with improvements to the trash tool:

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tools-osx 2011-02-25

There’s been a small addition to my collection of Mac OS X command line tools:

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tools-osx 2010-12-08

I’ve got a new release of my collection of Mac OS X command line tools for you, including:

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Announcing tools-osx

Ever since Mac OS X was released, I’ve found myself working via the command line more and more every year. While there are some native commands like open, pbcopy, and pbpaste with NeXTSTEP roots which help one switch back and forth between the CLI & GUI, I’ve always found a few gaping holes.

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