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On NewtonScript's Perform()

I’ve been playing with NewtonScript a bit in what little spare time I have, hence the previous posts on the subject. The eventual plan, of course, is to put together a few new packages for my MessagePad 2100, maybe even something useful to others, but in the meantime I just want to get comfortable with the language. For that, I’ve found playing with NEWT/0 to be the easiest, but, while the core is there, a number of the built-in functions are still missing.

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Environment Variables in NewtonScript and NEWT/0

To expand upon my previous post demonstrating how to access command line arguments (ARGV) in NewtonScript in NEWT/0, I’ll demonstrate how to access environment variables. Command line arguments are only the beginning for writing command line tools as you often need to access environment variables as well. In some situations, like running a script as a CGI in your favorite HTTP server software, environment variables are really your only way to receive input from the outside world.

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Command Line Arguments in NewtonScript and NEWT/0

Still being a daily Newton user as well as a developer, I’ve always wanted to learn NewtonScript. I’ve got a PowerMac 9500 that’s been configured for Newton OS development for quite some time and I’ve got a couple projects in mind, but I just never seem to get around it.

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