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Connect360 Version 3.34

To follow up on Monday’s initial impressions of Connect360 version 3.31, specifically the following note I added after attempting to upgrade to version 3.33 which they released later that day:

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Connect360 Version 3.31

Also while I was out of town, Nullriver released version 3.31 of Connect360, their Xbox 360 media streaming app for Mac OS X, on April 24th. This new version has the following changes:

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Connect360 Updated for Fall 2007 Dashboard Update

Nullriver’s always been quick to support upgrades to Connect360 whenever Microsoft releases an update to the Xbox 360 Dashboard, and this time is no exception. On Tuesday, they released the Fall 2007 Dashboard Update, yesterday I touched on my initial impressions of said update, and sometime thereafter Nullriver released Connect360 3.2.

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2007 Xbox 360 Dashboard Fall Update Initial Impressions

Yesterday marked the release of Microsoft’s Fall (2007) Dashboard Update for the Xbox 360. While it it’s not exactly, or even technically, Fall anymore, I still welcome updates to the Xbox 360 Dashboard since they only offer them up twice per year.

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