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Santa: A binary Whitelisting/Blacklisting System for Mac OS X

While developed internally by Google, Santa is not their Santa Tracker:

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Multiple, Rich Text Signatures in Gmail

I migrated to Gmail back when they first started testing IMAP support, allowing easy migration of my pre-existing email archives and the ability to continue using in the familiar Mac OS X Mail application, but soon found that I much preferred the the web interface due to the efficiency gains from its intended use. However, as I’ve merged many email addresses into far fewer Gmail accounts, I’ve still been envious of the signature support of desktop email clients. No more.

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I dislike domain squatting and I didn’t use this domain as planned, so I’m selling and its matching Google/Gmail & Twitter accounts. I’m only really looking to recover registration & listing fees, but a few extra dollars would certainly help.

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Gmail Voice & Video Chat

From the Official Gmail Blog’s announcement:

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"Google Chrome" Comic Book

I find it brilliant that Google went the route of a comic book to introduce and explain their new web browser project: Google Chrome.

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Google Talk for the iPhone/iPod Touch

[W]e’ve tried to keep the design as faithful to the desktop experience as possible, so it should be familiar to you. You can select from a quicklist of the people you contact most, search your contacts, and manage multiple conversations.

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Google Trends for Websites

It appears that, along with some other nice updates to Google Trends, they’ve added support for comparing web sites by top level domain name.

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Google's Macworld Makeover

This morning Google went live with the Macworld Makeover of their mobile portal with a number of new updates for iPhone/iPod touch users. It’s now very much iPhone-like as well as including improvements to both Gmail & Google Calendar and adding iGoogle to the mix.

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