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Less AT&T Upgrade Advantage for iPhone

From AT&T’s information page for the UNICEL acquisition:

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Setbacks for AT&T (therefore the iPhone) Coming to Vermont

Regarding the plan for AT&T and Verizon Wireless to swap some properties to allow Verizon Wireless to purchase UNICEL:

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Say Goodbye to the iPhone in Vermont

There’s been some recent iPhone-related news that gave the impression that we were getting closer to legitimately using using iPhones in Vermont. Unfortunately, I think we lost all progress today.

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iPhone: The Week In Review

A week ago I discussed the ways not to get an iPhone in Vermont since we’re not covered by AT&T’s own network and in honor of the iPhone’s release. Now that people in other states have had their iPhones for a week, the in-depth reviews have been rolling in: Steven Frank’s, James Duncan Davidson’s, Steve Dekorte’s, and Jason Kottke’s are my pick o’ the litter.

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