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An AppleScript to Invert the Display in Grayscale (And Another to Revert)

I’ve been doing a lot of early morning coding in bed, and have found that the only way I can do so without killing my eyes is to select “Use grayscale” as well as “White on Black” in the Universal Access preferences pane in System Preferences. This gives me a far more comfortable, inverted grayscale display. Unfortunately, it’s annoying and painful to initially set when my eyes are at their most sensitive.

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An AppleScript to Launch Front Row

A friend wanted to Launch Front row by pressing the programmable button on his new LaCie D2 Quadra hard drive, but the software wasn’t letting him program a keystroke, so I whipped up the following AppleScript to press Command-Escape for him and so launch Front Row. I’m sure there are plenty of other solutions out there or maybe even this same one, but here it is anyway:

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Mail's Broken Reply/Redirect/Forward AppleScript Support

I use the excellent spamtrainer tool on Mac OS X Server mail servers so that I and others can more easily spamassassin what’s spam or not. Up until now I’ve been content to do the following to manually redirect the messages to the junkmail account:

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Non-Top-Posting Reply Scripts for Apple Mail (with Signature Support)

Today John Gruber posted an excellent set1 of AppleScripts that automate replying without top-posting in Apple’s You can read his article for the full description.

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