Neon Drive and Demoscene Roots ¬


Neon Drive is a fun, retro-futuristic game for iOS which I reviewed for the 959th issue of Small Dog Electronics’ Kibbles & Bytes newsletter back in November:

It’s not a traditional racing game, but, to quote the web site, it’s a “slick retro-futuristic obstacle-dodging game”. The graphics have a neon retro-futuristic theme (think the Tron movies) with some fun visual effects and the music has an 80’s techno/tracker feel to it. One of the best parts of the game to me is the fact that the game is timed to the music, or the music to the game, and so it becomes very immersive if you put on headphones and get into the flow. You can really build your muscle & auditory memory to get through it. That’s not to say it’s too easy as it switches up the gameplay styles for an effective challenge.

Neon Drive screenshot

The combination of the visual effects and music style hearkens back to the demoscene, for me anyway.

They’ve since expanded the levels and now have Mac (Mac App Store or Steam) & Windows (Steam) versions. Check out the Neon Drive website for more extras like the soundtrack and desktop pictures.

Oh, and don’t forget to read my original, full review in Kibbles & Bytes for a bit of demoscene history.

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