iPad Pro — What’s a Computer? (Video) ¬


I’m sure Apple was hard at work making this commercial well before Michael Gartenberg’s piece for iMore which I linked to a little over a week ago, but it does seem to start addressing the issue he raised as to why more people aren’t buying the iPad Pro to use as a computer. The ad starts off:

“Just when you think you know what a computer is…”

Apple’s The new iPad Pro introduction video from back in March shows the iPad being used as a computer, but mostly rattles off the new features, leaving that point until the very end:

“The new iPad Pro gives everyone the ability to do amazing things. Things you thought you could only do on a PC and things you’ve never done before. It’s where we believe personal computing is going.”

This new ad tries to hit that point home a little more directly. It still feels more like an ad for the Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil, to me, but they’re a part of the solution and it’s a step in the right direction.

[Via Rene Ritchie.]

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