Twitter Statuses Badge v0.4 ¬


I’ve got a new version of my JavaScript Twitter Statuses Badge out for you all.

This version, 0.4, includes some minor modifications to the regular expression for @replies to fix some formatting & issues when they were abutting punctuation.

I’ve also further reduced the amount of HTML you need to include down to a single DIV element (plus the JavaScript include & call, naturally). You’ll have to replace the HTML and probably tweak your CSS (only slightly) to handle the changes, but I don’t intend to change the HTML again for quite some time.

As always, the latest version can be downloaded from the development page.

Update: I’ve released version 0.4.1 with a README file containing an overview, basic instructions, and change log. There are no other changes, so if you don’t need the README, you don’t have to worry about updating.

  1. I’m using your code on (the HEADLINES section on the home page). It works like a charm in Firefox and Chrome, but not in IE, which many of our customers use. Did I break something? Any ideas how to get it working? Thanks a lot.

  2. The truth is I don’t think I tested the latest version under IE. I’ll reinstall Windows in VMware Fusion and then test to see what I can find out.

    Does it not work in all versions of IE or does is work in 7 but not 6?

  3. The only part that doesn’t seem to work in IE (using latest version) is the ul:before formatting. IE doesn’t recognize that. I tried to do a background, but I couldn’t get that to work either.

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