Google's Macworld Makeover ¬


This morning Google went live with the Macworld Makeover of their mobile portal with a number of new updates for iPhone/iPod touch users. It’s now very much iPhone-like as well as including improvements to both Gmail & Google Calendar and adding iGoogle to the mix.

Gmail Macworld Makeover on my iPod touch

I’ve been using their mobile portal on my iPod touch since I received it on December 14th (more on that another day). They had only just released said AJAX portal 9 days prior, so I didn’t find myself missing Apple’s Mail client from the iPhone which is non-existent1 on the iPod touch.

Today’s modifications are a welcome update to an already well executed feature.

1 One can hack the iPod touch to install the various iPhone-specific and 3rd-party apps.

  1. Umm, wow, I saw this update in your iChat status, I love it this new interface, I wonder if it will stay. I was about to chat you this, but you were signed off before I could.

    Ok see you at work soon, MACWORLD TODAY!!!

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